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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review: Burn The Mankind - To Beyond

Burn the Mankind is a Brazilian death metal band and some of its members are also members of other prominent death metal bands from Brazil. The music they play can be described in short as bone crushing and to some extent technical death metal.

Don't let the title track confuse you, the album is full to the brim of fast technical death metal tracks. With the exception of the intro track which is a atmospheric kind of song, the rest are pure death metal. To Beyond, the song which is made into a lyric video for the album is the first song after the intro, and it is a complete death metal song. Fast, lots of blast beats and double bass filling the song and giving a feel of a true death metal song writing. The guitars are heavy, the distortion on them is also heavy and contributes to the sound of the band, because their sound is contributing to the sound of the drums and gives the final product of a perfect sounding band.

The issue this album has is a sometimes repeating song structure, I did not hear it the first time I listened to the album but on the second listen I noticed that. It is not a cloning effort don't get me wrong, but if you listen closely to the album you will get the structure repeat itself.

Other than that I won't complain about anything as there is not one thing more I can complain.

Overall this album deserves recognition it is one of the best death metal albums I heard from Brazil and it parries to the more popular death metal bands from Europe and the USA.

Written by Nikola Milošević


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