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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review: Bring On The Bloodshed - Amongst The Ruins

After a tour around the globe reviewing records, it’s time for me to come home and review a Dutch band, called Bring On The Bloodshed. Their newest record is called “Amongst the ruins”… let’s see what’s there!

This album is released through Bring On The Bloodshed’s own label, Nocturlabium Records, and comes with 9 tracks, loaded with a heavy cross-over between metalcore, black and thrash metal. And it’s very different from whatever you might have heard so far, and can find yourself indeed “amongst the ruins” when you listened to this record. From the very first second of opener “Redemption”, the brutality hits you in the face like a rabid bulldog. With mid-tempo riffs and growling, screaming vocals, the band tries to remain the holder of the world record “ripping your eardrums to pieces”. “Bleed to death” is as savage as it can get, with extreme changes in tempi, before we can breathe a bit with the doom-like “Ashes”. “When all hope dies” is very thrashy and “In the hands of Judas” strongly influenced by Slayer. “Pain to come” terminates this album in style.

Bring on the Bloodshed has got an original sound which will appeal to all metalcore fanatics. Definitely worth listening to if you’re into that genre! 8/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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