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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Morte Incandescente set release date for long-awaited new War Arts album

Today, War Arts Productions sets March 18th as the international release date for Morte Incandescente's highly anticipated ...o mundo morreu! As ever, this long-running Portuguese cult returns to the old days of black metal, when density and purity were a constant surface of the "scene." The band's latest ...o mundo morreu! (English: "...The World Died!") is an album that transports the listener to the past, a past which is still present to the puritan listener: an album that is not meant to break any boundaries nor limits nor anything, but to invoke within the the listener the timeless thought that black metal still remains pure in its clearest form to a select few people - to people that do not simply reside in the past, but who believe in an ancient essence and stick to it. It is unholy and anguished, hateful and melancholic in equal measures, brimming with a fiery essence and yet uncaring for conventional human definitions of "passion" - in a word, obscure. Their fourth album in an unlucky 13 years of existence, Morte Incandescente's ...o mundo morreu! does not strive to give hope to a dying music scene; may it die, and they will persist in their own world forevermore. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Morte Incandescente's ...o mundo morreau!
1. Diz nao a vida
2. Num cemiterio
3. O final de uma era
4. Nunca mais ira amanhecer
5. Disturbio absoluto
6. Ser incredulo
7. Nas esquinas da alma
8. O sol nao nasce mais
9. Tiro no escuro
10. Diz adeus
11. O fogo de dentro
12. Um rasto de odio

War Arts Productions is a Portuguese label that began in 2007. Prizing quality over quantity and specializing in black metal, War Arts has put out a small-but-steady stream of releases by the likes of Xasthur, Nuit Noire, Thesyre, Onirik, Irae, Divine Codex, and Ruach Raah among others, as well as the celebrated Lusitania Dark Horde II compilation, focusing exclusively on the rising Portuguese black metal scene. In addition to the label, War Arts runs a dedicated online mail-order. Morte Incandescente's ...o mundo morreau! will be the label's 19th release to date.


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