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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Khadaver released new live video

Slovakian blackened cyber metal band Khadaver continues with the massive promotion of their second studio album "Exstinctio Mundi".

A live video for the song "Episteme Finite" is now available below.

The video has been shot on two shows. Leader of the band, Nihil Nix comments: "The close-up shots and shots of fans have been recorded during release party by JBE Vision which has also directed our video for "Gods-RW". The audio track and rest of the shots come from another show." Nihil Nix was the person responsible for the direction and final edit of the video. He continues: "We wanted to show the action which happens during our shows and also to bring the live atmosphere to fans who have not seen us yet. This particular track was chosen because it is energetic, aggressive and always winds up the audience."

Current Khadaver line-up:
Nihil Nix – vocals, guitars, synths and samples
Feral Inferis – guitars
Arion Mars – bass
Luxin Tenebris - drums

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