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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Interview: Tarin Kerry from Sanguine

On January 29th Sanguine will release their new album Black Sheep. So it was time for vocalist Tarin Kerrey to answer some questions asked by DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen.

Hi, how are you?

We’re all pretty damn good thanks!

Sanguine, why did you choose that name?

We chose Sanguine because it is a word of multiple and opposite meanings. It can mean the colour of blood but can also mean to be cheerful. We have a dark sense of humour that runs within the band which keeps us fairly optimistic, so identified with it. Blood is also one of the four temperaments.

The bands that play alternative metal, can be very different, as alternative metal as a genre is very wide. In my opinion Sanguine is not very genre-bound. You're music is something you won't hear often. So what are your influences?

That’s a good question…. And yeh I/we agree! Sanguine is more about creating music that reflects an individual mood rather then trying to align ourselves with a particular genre. We all listen to a lot of different genre’s however metal, punk and hard rock is our overall foundation. Our influences range from Faith No More, Iron Maiden, Tool, Rancid, etc to classic bands like Travelling Wilburys, Queen and Pink Floyd. We even venture into hip/hop and electronic music at times. Sanguine are all about the song. We would never write something just because we felt we should blend in with other bands. That really isn’t us – I think being like that is what has separated us from the flock – we feel artistically free as musicians and have 100% control over every part of the process. That’s the best thing about being DIY.

Vocally, there is a huge vocal range, from a sweet voice in 'Breathe Out' to harsh screams in Social Decay'. How do you take care of the balance between those differences in vocals and the music that comes with it?

There’s no set routine or plan that we follow as such. The process was very organic – With Black Sheep we wrote about 30 songs at demo level and then picked ones that we felt went best for the concept of that album – so vocally the record balanced itself.

Having so many textures to work with between the voices gives us a large pallet to work from – hence the variety!

Your new album, Black Sheep, will be released on 29 January 2016. Can you tell our readers a little bit how it's going to be?

We wanted Black Sheep to be a journey for the listener. We wrote it so you could play it from track 1 and run the whole album. Humans experience a huge range of emotions throughout life and we wanted to make songs that reflect those moments. That’s why some songs are really heavy and aggressive and others not so. Too many albums that have come out in the last 10 years have only one or two good songs on them. We didn’t want that for our fans – Sanguine fans are smarter than that!. We have made around 8 video’s for this release as we wanted to bring the songs to life a give them individual identities. The album as a whole is on the heavier side of things but not limited to one type of heavy!

How was it to produce this album?

It’s actually been an incredible journey. What started in a pig shed in Devon, ended up taking us half way around the world!!! I would never have guessed it would work out like it has but I glad as hell it did. Daniel Flores our Producer is awesome. We love him. Intense as hell and super inspired – he was able to match our work rate (which is hard believe me). He made the process feel as if it was supposed to be happening. I think in particular he tuned in to each song and understood exactly what we were aiming for – He encouraged us to keep being us and stick a middle finger up to anyone who said otherwise!

Besides producer Daniel Flores, you also worked with Jesper Strömblad, the ex-In Flames guitarist. How did you met him? How was it to work with him?

I nearly crashed my frickin car when I took that call first!! My manager phoned me up and said ‘You’ve heard of In Flames right’ and I was like ‘duh! Yeh!’ …..anyway – he went on to say Jesper had heard our demo’s and wanted to hook up and write some songs with us. I asked him if he was tripping before realising he was for real. Before we knew it we were on a plane to Gothenberg to write what later became ‘Empty’ and ‘Breathe Out’. What can I say about Jesper…..I mean he’s Jesper F**king Stromblad for Christ sake!!! I love his writing style and he really is a legend as a person. Just chilled and creative, it was an honour to work with him and we made some great tunes together.

You recently announced that your song Black Sheep is on the soundtrack for a new short film called EAT. How do you feel about this?

‘Eat’ has had an incredible reception from both the Film Industry and general public – It’s already been nominated for this year’s London Short Film Festival. It had the first public screening in London on 9th Jan and unbelievably SOLD OUT the Cinema!!! Believe it or not they had to move STAR WARS to a smaller screen!!! Blown away to be part of it to be honest. The Director Carl Shanahan has nailed it…..creepy as hell!

Besides the album release day in January and the soundtrack for EAT, are there any other future plans for Sanguine, for example touring?

Hell yes! We plan to tour like gypsies for this record…..we plan to take it through the UK, Europe and we are even looking at Japan. Watch this space as will start announcing soon. There is also some awesome merch on the way. We have the standard t’s, hoodies etc but on top of that we are doing a really cool unique range which uses dye techniques and embroidery etc…..Like the music, we want to offer something different from the standard crap bands endlessly turf out!

Do you want to say something to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Thanks for having us! Hope you all have a great 2016 and we’ll see you in the pit X

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