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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interview: Hulkoff of Raubtier

On February 19th Raubtier will release their new album Bärsärkagång (read our review here). DutchMetalManiac's Henric van Essen asked some questions to vocalist/guitarist Hulkoff.

Hi, how is life up in the far north?

Hi there! It is absolutely great. And no point in complaining if it wasn't, because who the hell would care?

Congratulations with your new album, I enjoyed listening to it. There’s two lyrical themes that keep popping up: military and outdoor. Why is that, and how does that inspire you to write lyrics for Raubtier?

Well, I think that is a somewhat simplified synopsis of my lyrical endeavours. There are many metaphors that touch the subject of war and struggle yes. It originates from the fact that I am a former Infantry man. The wild north, of course, is ever present. I am a hunter and outdoorsman and the spirit of the great wild is always in my heart.

All lyrics are in Swedish, what is the reason for that?

The reason is, that Swedish is my native tongue. I love the sound of it. I love the power in it.

Even though the Swedish language seems fitting in my opinion and doesn’t bother me at all even though I don’t speak it, I can imagine there are (potential) fans around that would like to hear you sing in English. Did or will you ever consider that?

For Raubtier, no. In other projects, possibly.

Raubtier has a very distinct sound which makes it easy to recognize one of your songs regardless style or speed, how do you manage to stay true to that particular sound without sounding repetitive?

Some claim that all we do, and every song I've ever written all sounds the same. They are, of course, musically retarded and emotionally under-developed. The recipe is a savage metal band as rhythm-foundation, and on top of that folk or classical tonalities that are pleasing to the ear. Sometimes, well pretty frequently, electronic sounds function as the additional orchestra.

From what I understand your reputation and fan base outside Scandinavia is growing fast, especially since ‘Bestia Borealis’. What are your plans when it comes to the rest of the world outside Scandinavia?

There are no such plans at the moment, but who can tell what the futures holds in store?

To stay true to your lyrical themes: what will be Raubtier’s next feat of arms?

Next??? I must say, that it is impossible to answer that question today.

Is there anything left you would like to say to or share with our readers?

Greetings friends, I hope life is good to you. Think with your own mind, and hunt with Schmeisser broadheads, and I guarantee that great success will come your way.


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