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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Full set streaming: Multinational Corporations (Pakistani grindcore) - Live at Unorthodox

Lahore based Grind/Crust terror Multinational Corporations started their felonious journey back in 2011. They are the pioneer of Pakistani Grind/HC Punk Scene and they have become an influential act of South Asia upon releasing the ep, "Jamat-al-Maut" (Congregation of Death in English). Their music has always come up with the audacity to reprimand the negative effects of politics, society and religion in their native land.

MxCx played a furious set of tracks at "Unorthodox", an extreme metal event that took place at Lahore featuring other local acts like Irritum, Terminus Est and Takatak. The setlist of MxCx featured a surprise cover of Celtic Frost's classic "Dethroned Emperor". The set was shot on an old handy camera and the overall atmosphere is a reminiscent of the old garage punk shows.

1. Jamat-al-Maut
2. Stratum Slave
3. L.P.C.
4. Jihad
5. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost)
6. Hack N' Slash (Foreskin)
7. Salaab

Recorded By: Mazhar Khan

Full set streaming below.


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