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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free digital compilation released by Dewar PR via Toilet ov Hell

Dewar PR are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Toilet ov Hell to release our latest free compilation. This January compilation features 16 tracks and includes new songs from Sisters Of... and Frank's Enemy. Other bands featured include: Slomatics, Old Thunder, Allfather and more! Fans of pretty much every genre of heavy metal will find something to enjoy.

The whole compilation can be downloaded for free here.

Free digital compilation track listing:
Slomatics – Troglorite (Stoner Doom)
Lotek Cruiser – Black Heart (Fuzz Rock)
Allfather – Blood Red Sunset (Sludge/Hardcore)
Frank's Enemy – I Hate Star Wars (Electro-Grindcore)
Into the Storm – John Jameson (Sludge)
Tormenter – Cosmic Collapse (Thrash)
Old Thunder – Oncoming Storm (Aggressively Bleak Sludge)
Sisters of. – The Adversary (Prog Rock)
Twingiant – Daisy Cutter (Hard Rock)
Shamash – Mater Dei (Blackened Death)
Korseld – Bombrad (Death/Doom)
Chemical Cascades – The Iron Council (Black Metal)


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