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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finally Mightiest´s debut album is coming in February

Something big is coming on the 26th of February!

Mightiest, Germany's best kept Black Metal secret will launch its first full length attack after mere 21 years in existence. Just 20 years after the first Mightiest demo!!!

The album is called "SinisTerra", is nothing less than a total killer (the raw, brutal production was done in the glorious halls of the Iguana Studios (e.g. Necrophagist, Imperium Dekadenz, Deadborn, Unlight, Fragments Of Unbecoming, Finsterforst, Bitterness) and here you can find the awesome coverartwork (done by the master of darkness himself, Paolo Girardi (e.g. Bell Witch, Battle Ram, Black Breath, Diocletian, Inquisition, Manilla Road), their logo, the bandpic (taken by Laura Werschky) and the awesome sigil (created by none less than Jinx Dawson of Occult-Rock legend Coven!!!):





First listening impressions will be unleashed in the coming days…so be prepared!!!

Here´s the tracklist:
Devour The Sun
Soular Eclipse
Oceanic Empires
The Purifire

Line-Up: O. – throat C. – battery S. – guitars, bass Ral – guitars, keys

Official website

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