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Friday, January 22, 2016

Divinity premiere 'Manhunt' video; new EP out Feb 5th

Taking flashlights and a simple HD cam, Calgary, AB progressive death metal band Divinity have created one of the cheapest but very much fulfilling music videos of their career. Teaming up with Metal Nation Radio, the band is premiering their video 'Manhunt' in support of their upcoming EP 'The Immortalist Part 2. Momentum' set to be unleashed on February 5th to follow 2013's 'The Immortalist - Part 1 - Awestruck'.

Vocalist Sean Jenkins comments on the video:

"We're very excited to release a new music video for our upcoming EP release! This video is raw, in your face, and will leave no doubt in your mind that we are back, stronger than ever. We're also very proud of the fact that we self produced and directed this video all in our band room using flashlights and an HD Cam. Who says you need a 10K budget to make a music video? We surely don't think so. Crank this new video up and rock on!"

Watch 'Manhunt' below.

'The Immortalist Part 2. Momentum' was produced by Divinity and mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) at The Grid studio in Montreal along with artwork created by Justin Totemical. The EP is also part of Divinity's EP trilogy series that will lead up to a full length release later in 2016.

Track listing and EP artwork revealed below.

1. Manhunt (4:24)
2. PsyWar (6:34)
3. DMT (7:33)
4. Momentum (5:26)
EP Length: 24:00

The Immortalist - Trilogy Overview

Divinity have decided to release a full-length album in a different way. They are going to create a 3 part series of 4-song EPs that will develop a full length concept album they are calling 'The Immortalist'. Doing an Indiegogo campaign in 2012, the band was able to gather enough support to get the production rolling. In April 2013, the band released the first of three EPs entitled, 'The Immortalist, Part 1 – Awestruck', which put the trilogy EP idea into motion. With 'The Immortalist, Part 2 –Momentum' being released in early February 2016, this leaves Part 3 left to complete and the band is already on top of the writing/recording process for the final 4 songs. Once all 3 EPs are complete, Divinity will release an LP version as a 12 song full-length album which is slated to be released later this year.

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