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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Caym to record new album produced by Gojira's Joe Duplantier

L-R - Steve "Animal" Mitchell (Drums) - Jay 'Beard' Sarrazin (Vocals/Guitar) - Tiny Basstank (Bass) - Evan Archer - (Guitar)

Toronto, ON Canadian metal band Caym announce they will hitting the studio this February and March with Joe Duplantier of Gojira to produce their new yet to be titled album at his Silver Cord Studio in NYC. The new album will be the follow up to their 2013 release 'From Red To Black', which is available for FREE download here.

In addition to hitting the studio, the band has launched a crowd funding / pre-order campaign for the new album offering various rewards to fans that includes a private Caym show in drag, a BBQ, limited special edition hard copies, choice of a pop song cover, disposable cams with one of a kind pics capturing their studio recording, custom beer mugs, a workout with the band, used and signed gear from the recording along with many more perks all listed below and available at the following link here.

Vocalist / guitarist Jay Sarrazin comments:

"First off thank you for your support! Any advance pre-order or crowd funding perk you choose will help us go a VERY long way. We are 4 normal guys who work full time jobs and play in a full time metal band called Caym. We work extremely hard to tour and make great music for our fans. We lose jobs, spend our life savings, miss countless occasions with family and friends all for the sake of living our dream. We can't thank all our fans enough for the support you give us!! We are trying to raise funds to go towards our next album, which we will be recording in New York City, NY USA with legendary frontman/producer Joe Duplantier from the band Gojira. We are hoping that you can help us reach our goal so we can get our limited edition merch, record the album and basically live while we are away in New York City for a month. What we're asking is just a small fraction of our cost. We have come up with many awesome prizes for you to choose from. We can't express how much gratitude we have for everyone who helps us on this adventure. Thanks so much for your generosity and belief in this band. We can't wait to see you all on our next tours with our new record!"

Album Pre-Order Rewards here
Digi Download
When the new Caym album is released you will receive a digital download of the new Caym album.

Hard Copy Album
Get a physical copy of our new album when its released.

Get a package of our Tour Passes (New Breed Tour and Put Up Or Shut Up Tour) and custom picks + digital download of our album.

Limited album
Get a Limited edition copy of the new Caym album with a special booklet of the making of our new album of in studio pictures.

Sticks + digi
Get a signed pair of drum sticks from our drummer Steve "The Animal" Mitchell.

Liner notes
Get your name in the liner notes of our album

Answering msg
Get a personalized answering msg by 1 or all of the members of Caym for your phone's answering machine. NSFW ;)

Get a physical copy of our new album with a Limited edition poster signed by all 4 members

Get a signed hand written lyric sheet from Jay "Beard" Sarrazin with a physical copy of our new album.

Disposable cam
Get a disposable camera of us making our new record. Shots of studio and our time in NYC. Every camera will be different.

Get a Limited edition T-Shirt made by the band and a physical copy of our new album when we release it.

CD package
Get all our CD`s Includes: White Album From Red To Black New Record.

Drum skin/digi
Get a signed drum skin from Steve "The Animal" Mitchell plus a digital download of the new album when its released.

Get a lesson or jam with one of the members of Caym for an hour. (Must be able to travel to their studio)

Custom glasses
Get 2 custom Caym beer mugs with our Logo and your name printed in frost on the mugs. Who wants to drink alone?

Bass drum/digi
Get a signed bass drum skin by all 4 members of Caym and a digital download of our new album when it's released.

1 Year guest
Get a 1 year Guest List pass to ANY Caym show ANYWHERE in the world plus a digital download of our new record when released.

Caym punch bag
Get a 1 hour workout with Steve and Evan and take home the heavy bag you use during the workout.

Cover song
Choose any Pop song for us to cover on our next tour! 1D, Lionel Richie, Cher. We will rewrite it to fit the Caym style and play it at every show on our Tour.

Bass amp
Get a GBX Bass Bug 75 Watts amp played by Tiny for writing the new record.

Album cover
YOU decide what album cover we will use for our next record!! we will give you a choice between two covers and you make the FINAL decision.

Caym show
We will play a show anywhere within 300 KM of Toronto. A club, party, bedroom, garage. Absolutely anywhere (1 hour set) + a digital download of our new album.

Caym bbq
Get Caym to throw you plus one guest a BBQ party at their home. Filled with food, booze and a hell of a good time!!!!

Music Man bass
Get a Music Man Sub 5 Bass (5 strings) with metal pick guard played by Tiny on the Caym Tours and includes the case with it.

Caym in drag
Yes you read that correctly! We will play any show within 300 km of Toronto in women's dresses!!!! Aren't we pretty ;) *no 1 night stands, we are classy*

Caym have been rising through the metal scene heavily the last while. With their take no bullshit groove metal style that is ready to come and destroy your town where ever that may be! Unleashing five independent release and a very highly regarded version of Anvil's "Winged Assassins" along with touring Canada with them and supporting such bands as Skeletonwitch, As I Lay Dying, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Joey Belladonna(Anthrax), Baptized in Blood, Memphis May Fire, Dog Fashion Disco, Exciter and more. Caym praise over the years has lead them to much bigger things to come with the band commenting "We are just getting started!".

Official website

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