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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Casket Robbery's 'Evolution of Evil' coming in March on Mortal Music / official video released

Madison, WI death metallers Casket Robbery will release its full-length debut album Evolution of Evil March 4 on Mortal Music. Casket Robbery is an up and coming death metal band created by the minds of Cory Scheider (Luna Mortis, Epicurean, Echoterra) and Dustin Foesch.

The official video for the album's opening track, "Annibelle's Hell," can be viewed below.

Metal evokes deep emotions from elation to introspection to revulsion On the long-awaited follow-up to the band's 2011 self-titled EP Casket Robbery runs the gamut, all the while burrowing its titanic sound deep into one's psyche. The songs are at once pulverizing and memorable. Evolution of Evil is nothing short of pulse-pounding, unrelenting, and brutally catchy Death Metal.

Indeed, the undeniable grooves and hooks coupled with conceptual lyrics make Casket Robbery the Death Metal band to watch in 2016. Take a deep breath. Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun. Highly recommended for fans of Jungle Rot, Gojira, and Pantera.

Evolution of Evil pre-order packages are available through Bandcamp. The CD can also be ordered from Big Cartel.

Track Listing:
1. Annibelle's Hell
2. Blood Bathory
3. Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre
4. Final Chapter
5. Undead Living Hell
6. Pray for Death
7. Curse of the Night Stalker
8. Encroaching Darkness
9. Cyanide Skies
10. The Asylum

Casket Robbery have firmly established themselves as a brutal, heavy hitter in the live show realm by hitting the road hard after their first EP release. Last year they took the time to re-evaluate and plan a devastating debut album release for 2016. They quickly brought in Greg Mueller to fill the drum spot and they brought on their own Cory Scheider to track, engineer, and produce a majority of Evolution of Evil. The track "Pray for Death" features a solo from John Laux (Warbringer) and "Undead Living Hell" features a guest speaking role by horror filmmaker Cory Udler. With the help of Chris Wisco (Novembers Doom, Jungle Rot) to mix the album and Cody Ratley (Villians, Darke Complex) to master it, this will truly be a must-have album for 2016.


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