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Monday, January 11, 2016

Barther Metal Open Air 2016

For the 18th time the Barther Metal Open Air will take in the small town Barth near the Baltic Sea. The festival had its premiere in 1999 enriching the German Metal scene with a one-day festival featuring four bands.

Today the promoter remains the same but over time the festival has grown significantly. Overall 29 bands spread over the three await the fans between August 18th through 20th 2016.

Three days open air means the 18th Barther Metal Open Air will again begin with seven bands playing on Thursday. This year´s headliner on Friday will be Taake from Norway, who will present their primal, raw Black Metal. Finland´s Baptism will capture the fans with their dark Black Metal as a co-headliner. Saturday´s headliner hails from Norway and has already performed on the BMOA for the first time in 2006: Helheim. They will have their new record ready and certainly they will bash their mixture of Viking and Black Metal into our heads. Also in Barth for the second time, Valkyrja, who will convince Black Metal fans on Saturday. Sounds of Black Metal from the all kinds of different countries will be showcased on the Barther Metal Open Air. Be it Corpus Christii from Portugal, Kadaverdisciplin and Istapp from Sweden, Germany´s Mor Dagor or Beaten Victoriouses from Iran.

This year´s billing will be rounded out with Pagan sounds based on either Black Metal or Death Metal, performed by bands such as Black Messiah, Minas Morgul, Ymyrgar from Tunisia and Jörmungand. A fusion of Pagan and Folk will be added to the international billing with Munarheim and Wolfchant. Death Metal fans are also taken care of as this year has Centinex and Diabolical from Sweden and The Monolith Deathcult from Holland. The icing on the cake will be German cult thrashers Necronomicon as well as cult acts Ewigheim and The Vision Bleak.

The billing for the 18th Barther Metal Open Air is a colourful mix and it shines with a line of diverse international acts. Three days of metallic sounds of all sorts can be enjoyed for 41€ presale plus shipping or 50€ at the box office. Presale tickets are available online here at the shop.

As in the previous years there will be catering available at affordable prices.

(Beer 0,5 l = 3,00 €) and the use of sanitary facilities as well as camping and parking are included in the price of the ticket. For more information and news please check our homepage

Bands 2016:
-Taake (N) - Black Metal
-Helheim (N) - Viking Black Metal
-Black Messiah (D) - Pagan Metal
-Baptism (FIN) - Black Metal
-Valkyrja (S) - Black Metal
-Minas Morgul (D) - Pagan Metal
-Ewigheim (D)
-The Vision Bleak (D)
-Centinex (S) - Death Metal
-Necronomicon (D) - Thrash Metal
-Corpus Christii (P) - Black Metal
-Istapp (S) - Black Metal
-Ymyrgar (TN) - Pagan Metal
-Diabolical (S) - Death Metal
-The Monolith Deathcult (NL) - Death Metal
-Wolfchant (D) - Pagan Metal
-Kadaverdisciplin (S) - Black Metal
-Darkmoon Warrior (D) - Black Metal
-Saxorior (D) - Pagan Metal
-Munarheim (D) - Folk Metal
-Mor Dagor (D) - Black Metal
-Delirium (D) - Pagan Metal
-Waldträne (D) -German Heathen/Pagan Music
-Jörmungand (D) - Pagan Metal
-Sarkrista (D) - Black Metal
-Kultasiipi (D) - Folk Metal
-Beaten Victoriouses (IR) - Black Metal
-Gebrechlichkeit (D) - Black Metal
-Immane (D) - Black Metal

Official website Barther Metal Open Air
Facebook Barther Metal Open Air

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