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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Symphonic viking metal Valfreya launch Indiegogo for 2016 album 'Promised Land'

Montreal, QC female fronted symphonic viking metal band Valfreya are reaching out to fans and friends for advance support via an Indiegogo campaign to aid in recording and releasing their 2016 album 'Promised Land' to follow up 2013's 'Acoustic Chronicles' and 2012's 'Path To Eternity' released on Maple Metal Records, which can be heard here, along with videos 'Confront Immensity', 'Odin's Fury', 'Alefest'. The release will be a story line album about a conqueror and his warriors who came from the North to leave a glorious legacy for his people and the memory that his name deserves. He will discover his promised land, but will also meet Odin's divine wrath. A preview of two demo tracks off the album has been posted below.

Great Sons of Warlord 

Peuple du Nord

"We're looking to gather funds for the recording of our second full length album, which we plan to go in studio for around March 2016. We're pretty happy with what we were able to do with limited funds on our first album and EP, but we want to raise the bar much higher for the next one with quality of production, better marketing and more merch for fans. Plus, with this campaign we're looking to gain more exposure so we can encourage opportunities of playing where the fans want to see us! Even a simple share to supports us is much appreciated!' comments vocalist Korrinn.

The Indiegogo campaign will offer fans various perks in return for their support starting from as little as $5 for a farmer's fealty to up to $550 for the raiders plunder. Full details can be found here.

Where the money goes:
Here's how the costs all break down:
Recording, mixing, and mastering
500 CDs with inserts
The rest goes towards new quality t-shirts, stickers, etc

All funds raised here will go towards the production costs of the records, CDs, shirts, and shipping costs. Any additional funds raised will go towards bonus goodies like stickers, koozies, buttons, etc.

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 5 - Bar L'Autre Zone - Quebec City, QC w/ Aeternam, Trollwar, Merkabah
Feb 6 - Le Stage - Trois Rivieres, QC
Feb 27 - Piranha Bar - Diva Fest - Montreal, QC -

Official website

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