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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review: Wilt - Moving Monoliths

An album full of mournful emotions, anger and dark depression. WILTs first full-length album follows its 2012 first coming self-titled album. In comparison to this first one, Moving Monolith has a deeper, yet less aggressive sound. Less aggressive in the sense that the immensely powerful force of singer Jordan Dorge is more drawn inward that outward. To me that gives the album a better black/doom feel. It does however not mean that the vocals cannot take you by the throat. Especially the song ‘The Elder’ wakes you from the smothering darkness that the first two songs of the album dragged you in.

Although this is a full length album, the title list only counts four songs. Three of them last about 10 to 13 minutes and only the last song Solitude with its two minutes length is missing that pattern.

All in all the album can be described as a melodic, dark, doom-death album with excellent vocals and enough changes to keep your interest. Nothing new, yet better a good old thing, then a bad new thing.

Written by Martijn Bakker


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