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Monday, December 7, 2015

Review: Undawn - Justice Is...

Undawn is a Dutch band that got founded in 2007 by Tom and Michiel. In less than 2 years, they won the Dutch edition of Metal Battle. In 2011 the band released its debut album ‘Jumpers’. Undawn has done a lot of shows in- and outside The Netherlands. With their energetic and explosive live shows, enthusiasm and lively stage presence, Undawn is mainly described by the crowd as fun to watch and a sight for sore eyes.

Leon Kloosterman: guitars/clean vocals
Michiel Brinkhuis: guitars/lead vocals
Thijs Brinkhuis: bas/clean vocals
Tom Brinkhuis: drums

Its new album called ‘Justice is…’ and features ten tracks:
1. Coming Home
2. What Justice Is
3. In The Moment
4. A bond of Brothers
5. Faceless
6. Moving On
7. Forever
8. Fate
9. Never Giving Up
10. The Puppets of Heresy

Maybe a little warning: the first song comes on immediately and it burst out really loud. My ears hurt a little.

After I turned down my sound a little, I can finally enjoy the music. The first song starts really loud and you get sucked into it immediately. I personally don’t like the fast beat of this music. After a while the songs starts getting slower and it ends with a man speaking some words. It’s a song that will really surprise you.

The second song also bursts in out of nowhere, but I kinda like it that there a no long breaks on this album. I really like the guitar in this song. It’s a very sharp guitar sound and it fits the grunts and screams really good. You can really hear Tom tried his best on the drums. They sing together in this song and this sounds very good. I suggest you listen to this song yourself! I notice there is a lot of singing in this.

Onto the next song. It starts with a great drum and guitar. On the background, some people are talking. The next thing I know is that Michiel is screaming really loud. There is a lot of screaming in this song. There is really awesome part in it with someone talking and some exciting music behind it.

Overall I would really recommend this album if you like melodic metal core.

Eight stars out of ten.

Written by Bente Vroomans

Official website

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