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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Sonic Medusa - The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes

It is almost impossible to believe that this 4-track debut EP was recorded in 2015 such is the 80’s feel to the songs. Sonic Medusa was formed in 2009 by the members of some famous bands like Goatsnake, The Obsessed, Hollywood Rose and Angus Khan: Scott Renner (bass, vocals), Greg Rogers (drums), Steven Darrow (guitars) and Dirty D (guitars, vocals).

I found two different tracklist’s order for this album. One has Cold Wind as the opening track, and the other has Medusa in that spot. I review this album following the latter order.

Medusa is that kind of fast paced song coming directly from the NWOBHM depths and it got me really excited about the album. The song starts with a nice drumming that leads to a killer riff and very solid vocals. It could easily be in any NWOBHM record of the early 80’s.

Goblin Suite has a huge Black Sabbath influence and shows a total different side of the band. Whereas Medusa has the speed of Judas Priest/Motörhead, Goblin Suite is the Doom/NWOBHM of Pagan Altar/Witchfinder General.

Cold Wind is a mid-tempo song with nice guitar melodies and a very beautiful solo. But with almost 8 minutes long, it is clearly not the right choice for an opening track. Wolfs Prayer is another 7+ minutes epic with a low start and very prominent bass guitar line.

The Sunset SoundHouse Tapes was recorded at the legendary Sunset Studios in Hollywood with the production and engineering of David Schwerkolt. I believe the title of the EP is a reference to both the place it was recorded and the legendary Soundhouse Tapes by Iron Maiden.

The EP is really very good. I just wish they had more songs like Medusa in a future full-length release.


1 - Medusa
2 - Goblin Suite
3 - Cold Wind
4 - Wolfs Prayer

Written by Anderson Tiago

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