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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Pronostic - An Atomic Decision

As a avid love of death metal, and especially of technical death metal this band fully fulfilled my needs for a daily dose for death metal.

The intro is not mind moving, but after the whole album I found the intro especially fitting to the album. The first song is just full on blasting, technical riffs, melodic parts, diverse vocals, everything you want from a technical death metal band. The album is generally fast paced, with a lot of double bass and blast beats and also some vocals holding the rhythm with the rest of the instruments.

Some parts of the album don't make sense to me, some parts have unexplained transitions from extreme melodic parts to complete technical parts and the style of vocals also has some unexpected transitions. But apart from that, I don't have a big complaint.

In general the recording quality of the album is good, mixing also and that is not a thing that is heard all of the time. The songs in particular are pushing technicality further from song to song, with some intermediate moments but not a substantial part of the album. A lot of the tech death bands today push only one part of the technical part, pushing extreme technicality or extreme melodicness and not have a unique twist on death metal they are playing.

It is overall a great album and I enjoyed reviewing it, and would review it again if needed.

Written by Nikola Milošević


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