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Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: Project Pain - Thrashed To Kill

Five guys from The Netherlands who play thrash in a way thrash used to be, that is what Project Pain is about. In 2011 they released an demo EP and in 2012 it was time for their debut album. The second album, called Thrashed To Kill, is already out since April, but it just reached DutchMetalManiac, so a review of an album which is already out for a while.

Right from the start, when Betrayal opens, you know what you've got to deal with: heavy thrash metal in the way it used to be on full throttle! Guitarists Niels van Lier and Guido den Hoed are, together with drummer Frank Ruisch and bassguitarist Kristof Mycka, holding onto a very fast tempo. Bauke Goudbeek throws some very heavy, raw thrash vocals in and it all sounds very good. The things the guitarists do with their guitars sound sometimes a bit more complex than usually in thrash metal, but it still keeps very thrash metal. You can hear in all parts that all the musicians in Project Pain know what they are doing and can handle their instruments/vocals very nicely. Sometimes it reminds me a little bit of Slayer, especially second track Necrophiliac. I think it's the guitar parts in that specific song that reminds me of them. You have to listen for yourself. Thrash metal can be much of the same thing, but Project Pain have a lot of variation on Thrashed To Kill. They even introduce their last Taken By Force with a choir!

All together, Project Pain have done a pretty nice job with Thrashed To Kill. Thrash metal in the way it used to be with their own original touch and a lot of variation. Definitely a very good thrash metal album and very recommend for anyone who likes thrash metal!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

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