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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review: Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Silent Assassins

Mike LePond, the bass guitar player from Symphony X, has made a solo debut album "Silent Assassins". This album was released in 2014.

If you listen to this album, first of all: this is not a Symphony X album. Lepond does not wish to shamelessly emulate his main band's style. "Apocalypse Rider" is a great choice as opener. From its vibrant beginnings "Red Death" offers up some quality mid paced metal. The song "The Quest" has some medieval sound to it, the acoustic guitars are on the foreground in the intro of this song. Halfway it kicks up and the drums and electric guitars begin to play. "Masada" is the slowest track on this album, but at most times more powerful than the others. The last and longest song "Oath of Honor" closes the album with a eleven minutes compilation of drums, guitars and great vocals.

This album "Silent Assassins" is a really killer album, Mike's hard work definitely paid off. This is a serious album that can kick your power metal feelings.

Track list:
1. Apocalypse Rider
2. Red Death
3. The Quest
4. The Outsider
5. Masada
6. Silent Assassins
7. Ragnarok
8. The Progeny
9. Oath Of Honor

Written by Nathasja Voerman