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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Review: Chthonic Cult - I Am The Scourge Of Eternity

So, I've decided to review Chthonic Cult's "I Am the Scourge of Eternity" album, a black/death/doom metal album on Iron Bone Head Productions from Germany.

Since my second favourite genre is Doom, I decided to give this album a spin.

First of all, the artwork for this album is amazing, and really captures the spirit of the music! We see a bleak landscape, and what looks like a vulcano with a river of blood flowing from it, that really captures the spirit of dispair.

It starts off with As the Void Beckons, and the guitar riffs perfectly capture this feeling of misery, with a slightly offbeat drumming that shouldn't work but somehow only enhances the atmosphere.

There's a slight semi-acoustic break around the 9 minute mark, that only helps to contrast the heavyness of the rest of the album. The Abbyss Triumphant continues in this theme of gloom, and the bass guitar especially stands out in this song because of it's slightly distorted overtones that blend well with the guitars.

The third track, Asunder! sounds a bit like a crusty doom tune, and the vocals on that song stand sound really pained, as if the singer tries to scream his inner demons away. Around 7 minutes in, you think it's over, but then it comes back heavier than before, like a bad case of suicidal depression.

The title track finishes this album, opening with an agressive, primal scream and blends into a tortured, violent riffage. This song has an intentional dissonance to it, like it tries to attack the listener. The use of dissonance over a minor key is present throughout the album, and forces one to pay attention. This record invoces the same uneasy feelings as John Carpenter's Halloween.

The songs are long without getting boring, and each song seems to tell a tale of primal rage, anguish, and despair. Would reccomend listening to it, but not without raiding the drug store for antidepressants beforehand.

Written by Gijs de Wolff


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