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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Blackwülf - Oblivion Cycle

Oblivion Cycle is Blackwülf's next album after Mind Traveler. The Californian group consists of Alex Cunningham on vocals, Pete Holmes on guitars, Dave Pankenier on drums, and Scott Peterson on bass.

The album opens with the track titled " Colossus " and it immediately impart you with the big feel of a song with that title. The album moves between stoner and doom perfectly like on the infectious "Acid Reign" and the more catchy "The locust".

However the true gem of Oblivion Cycle is "Wings Of Steel". From the heavy intro riffs and Alex Cunnigham's vocals emerge a truly something unique. They will break you down, they will steal your home, they will control your mind while they crush you....crush your soul. They will crush your soul. The song's chorus will stuck in your head for a few days I promise.

Blackwülf have a very distinctive sound that you will truly notice on the rhythmic "Never forget" led by a great guitar work from Holmes. Other highlights of the release are "Red Eyes" and "Dark tower". Truly a worthy release from Blackwülf. Keep an eye on these guys. They are going places.

Written by Ahmed Winchester

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