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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review: Al-Namrood - Diaji Al Joor

A new album of black metal mysticism for the critically acclaimed, Al-Namrood. This band is the pure definition or rebellion. The embodiment of the spirit of metal in general. Al-Namrood is the Arabic name for the Babylonian king ‘nimrod’ They chose this name because it is blasphemous towards the people of Saudi Arabia.

While black metal bands have never ever liked any form of religion but mainly Christianity. Al-Namrood stands out by speaking up against the violent ways of the Islam. This is very unique and for that fact they have never played a live show in Saudi Arabia because it could result in the whole band being executed for being a black metal band and speaking up against the Quran.

The rebellious spirit is very much reflected in their new record called Diaji Al Joor which means darkness of injustice. With lyrics very fixed on anti religious themes and middle eastern demon’s and devil from before the Islam was even a “thing”. Al-Namrood choose to do their lyrics in their native tongue so the whole record is an Arabian masterpiece.

The fact that Al-Namrood does not publish pictures of them selves show me that they are a band that is not supposed to be in the eyes of their native country. Not even their families know they play metal.

This record for me has a very crusty almost venom like feeling. I mention venom especially for the vocals. The frontman belts out almost dog like barking. Not reminiscent of the vocals in Immortal for example. The music itself is very influenced by the scene of Saudi Arabia. Middle eastern influences flourish in this album without being annoying or too present. It is a very uncommon language to hear but for the people who are interested in the culture and language this is fantastic to hear. I have always been fascinated by the Arabian culture and folklore.

While Al-Namrood has made a name for itself by being against a thing we do not think about directly when we think of black metal. They are a unique band in their brand and are definitely worth the listen.

I rate the album 7,5/10 for it is unique in its kind. Black metal, but definitely a step forward.

Written by Joost van der Leij


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