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Monday, December 7, 2015

Interview: Sunless Rise

Melodic death metal band Sunless Rise from Russia just unleashed their newest album Unrevealed. DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen asked them some questions.

Hi, how are you?

Greetings, Dutch man! We're fine, hope you're too.

You come from Russia, how is the metal scene there?

The metal scene in Russia is damn huge. We've got fans and bands for all kinds of the genre, and the most amazing artists keep staying independent. Like us, haha.

You make melodic death metal in a very technically way. How do you combine the technical part with the melodic part in your music and find a good balance between them?

We just kinda... do it, dude. Keeping it mathematically technical and in the same time melodic was our thing right from the start, we still enjoy it.

There are a lot of melodic death metal bands, in what way are you unique between all those bands?

We're just being ourselves. Each one of us is into so many other (than Melodeath) music, probably it keeps things diverse and interesting in Sunless Rise.

You just released your album Unrevealed, how was it to make this album?

It took so long, but we've accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish. The production for "Unrevealed" is so very good for an independent release, thanks to the talents of recording and mixing guys.

What's the story Unrevealed is about?

We will just quote the synopsis as it is printed on every "Unrevealed" CD copy because it says it all:

"This is the story of a man who destroyed mankind. The man who played a crucial role in shifting humanity toward the final catastrophe - but managed to flee into the mysterious outer limits beyond time and space, life and death.

This journey starts off with the world’s end and takes a turn into twisted realms of ancient cults, forgotten cultures and revelatory subconscious experiences.

This is the story of our Past and Future colliding into one man’s spiritual rebirth. A parable with an unimaginable finale."

A parable with an unimaginable finale, dude!

What are the reactions about Unrevealed?

People are truly amazed, and so we are - it's a fantastic feeling, to get such enthusiastic feedback from every corner of the globe. Massive!

Can we expect some touring from Sunless Rise?

We are itching to hit the road and hope it will happen next year. Hope we'll make it to Holland!

Are there any other future plans?

Yes, definitely. We're planning to release a single next year, and starting constructing a concept behind the next full-length.

Do you want to say something to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Keep banging heads! Metal will never die, horns up!


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