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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Interview: Scarleth

Scarleth recently released their latest album The Silver Lining (read our review here). DutchMetalManiac's Henric van Essen asked them some questions.

Hello, how are you?

Hi! We are perfectly fine, thanks!

When I read the band’s history it becomes clear you have had a huge amount of lineup changes, more than most bands will ever encounter. How did you manage to overcome all those lineup problems and keep Scarleth going? What kept and keeps you motivated?

Well, it is not easy to continue for a long time with the band which is not commercially successful yet. That is the main reason why there were many line-up changes. But it is not my case. Scarleth was founded by me from the beginning; I just can’t let it down. I love what we are doing – it’s where motivation comes from.

You are from Ukraine, which is currently in a state of war with Russia, how did and does that influence Scarleth and its music?

This influenced the lyrics of some songs on “The Silver Lining”, for example – track called “Last Hope”. It has no direct connection with this particular war, but overall mood has this influence. Cover art of the album is another example. And the last line-up of Scarleth from Donetsk was unable to continue its activity because of the war, so the new line-up gathered together in Kiev.

Your new album is called ‘The silver lining’, what, if any at all, is the meaning behind that title?

It reflects faith and hope that war will be over soon. Second meaning is faith that the album will be a new chapter and step towards commercial success for our band.

What inspires you to write the lyrics to the songs?

Almost anything – movies, fantasy, different situations which happen every day, romantic relationship, new impressions.

When I listen to ‘The silver lining’, a great album by the way, the wide variety of styles is striking, giving me the feeling you are still searching for your final musical direction. What is the reason behind the wide variety of styles on the album?

We always like to do different things and we never see any good point in making all the songs sound the same – I think it is one of the main problems of today’s metal scene. We like to play radically different sounding songs during live performance – that is our conscious musical direction. That is what Scarleth is all about.

A substantial part of the album has been recorded by musicians that have been replaced as members of Scarleth. What is the influence of the new lineup on Scarleth and its music?
We worked with session members – and that was the only way to finish this album. That’s because of the war. New line up was not gathered at the time when band (what was left of it) moved to Kiev. Now we have new official line-up of the band which performs all the new songs live – you can check live performances on our YouTube channel.

Your live shows so far are limited to Ukraine only, what are the odds of Scarleth performing live in other countries?

We still have no reliable connection to people in Europe who can organize band’s live shows there. We are working on it – I hope the new album will help us to accomplish that.

What are your plans and wishes for Scarleth’s future?

The main goal for the band now is to visit other countries and to play live for the fans there and to promote the new CD. We also plan to release a new single and official video for it, but these are not planned for nearest future.

Is there anything you would like to say to or share with our readers?

We really hope you like and enjoy our new CD J If you have not listened to is yet – don’t delay and get yourself a copy. And stay tuned for band’s news! Thank you!

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