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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blastfest unveil complete lineup & day schedule

It's been months in the making but the schedule for Blastfest 2016 is complete!

Now in its third year, the Bergen festival has not only put together yet another incredible lineup, but also one in which will be a one time only celebration of their national metal scene, one of the most influential countries in the world for metal, and the home of black metal, Norway. A 100% Norwegian lineup which includes the likes of Abbath, Arcturus, Taake, 1349, Gorgoroth and even some rare appearances from the likes of Green Carnation. Blastfest 2016 will be a truly memorable occasion.

Blastfest chief and owner Yngve Christiansen comments, "2016 will be a very special festival edition with a lineup consisting solely of Norwegian bands. The bands represented at Blastfest are the legends, those from the beginning, the ones who made it evolve... the ones who disappeared... the ones who never stopped... the ones whom you should have heard more about... and the ones you will hear about. We have done our best to make a strong lineup representing Norway in the best possible way."

A one time only celebration of the Norwegian metal scene!
Blastfest 2016 - Bergen, Norway
17 Feb - Garage, 18 - 20 Feb - USF Verftet

***Wednesday - February 17th***
Garage - Doors open 17:00 - Showstart 18:00
Chrome Division / Mistur / Svarttjern / Voluspaa / Endezzema / Blodhemn / Hadens

***Thursday - February 18th***
USF Verftet - Doors open 15:00 - Showstart 16:00
Gorgoroth / Taake / In The Woods / Dodheimsgard / Kampfar / Throne Of Katarsis / Virus / Nocturnal Breed / Viper Solfa / Vulture Industries / Execration / Gravdal / Inculter / Troldskugge / Reptilian

***Friday - February 19th***
USF Verftet - Doors open 15:00 - Showstart 16:00
Ihsahn / 1349 / Arcturus / Manes / Solefald / Nekromantheon / Djevel / Funeral / One Tail, One Head / Audiopain / The 3rd Attempt / Cor Scorpii / Krakow / Sulphur / Slegest

***Saturday - February 20th***
USF Verftet - Doors open 15:00 - Showstart 16:00
Abbath / Green Carnation / Red Harvest / Einherjer / Khold / Ancient / Cvlt / Blood Tsunami / Allfader / Evig Natt / El Caco / In Vain / Sahg / Vredehammer / Oslo Faenskap

Yet to come: Sightseeing, DJs, Signing Sessions, Exhibition, Markets, Merch and more.

Tickets on sale here.

Book accommodation at the official festival hotel here using the promotion code "BLASTFEST" for a discounted rate.

Official website

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