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Friday, November 6, 2015

Review: The Shrine - Rare Breed

If I was asked to label The Shrine’s sound in their new album “Rare Breed”, I would say instantly “skateboarding punk n’roll”. I think I will have to explain that. During my early teenage years I was an addicted player of the skateboarding game “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2” and in its soundtrack you would find names like Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion, Millencollin, Papa Roach, among others. Any of the songs in “Rare Breed” could be easily on that game too.

The band, formed by Josh Landau (vocals, guitar), Court Murphy (bass) and Jeff Murray (drums), though describe their sound simply as “psychedelic violence” or a mix between Black Flag and Black Sabbath. I could agree with that, but I see way more violence than psychedelics and Flag over Sabbath. Don’t get me wrong, some riffs are truly “sabbathic”, but the overall attitude throughout the record is punk to the core.

The album starts with the strong, fast and very energetic Coming Down Quick, one of the best songs in the entire record. Death to Invaders comes next with a nice riff and chorus. The title track is almost a stoner metal song and slows things a bit, but Acid Drop takes things back to its course and it is the highlight of the album. I can even notice some Misfits and Ramones in a few parts of the song. At this point they start to alternate between mid-tempo and fast songs (What's Left For Me, Savage Skulls and Nomads, The Vulture, Never More Than Now). The instrumental piece Pull the Trigger is the intro for the ballad Dusted and Busted. A ballad? I did not see it coming, but it is quite nice. Space Steppin closes the work with another mid-tempo tune. I liked the album, but if they had more songs like Death to Invaders or Acid Drop, I would definitely become a fan.

The Shrine is on tour over Europe alongside with Kadavar and Horisont and they are going to play two dates in the Netherlands: November, 7th at the Doornroosje in Nijmegen, and December, 20th at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. So if you like rock n’roll, punk and metal riffs, go and check them.

Written by Anderson Tiago

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