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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review: Scissortooth - Novagomorrah

Scissortooth is a Canadian Thrash Metal band from Vancouver, B.C.. Formed in 2003 by Derek Lundblad (vocalist/guitarist) and Shawn Hoskins (drummer)

The band’s melodic hooks, varying tempos, and aggressive musicianship alongside of original writing approach has given their songs a different edge to most modern acts. Influenced by a wide spectrum of sounds of bands like Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Type O Negative to Soundgarden, Tool, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails .

You can really hear the different influences to the songs they make, they have an overall thrashy feeling to their lyrics and music with some darker sounds and on the other hand catchy and uplifting riffs, there is a good distribution between the different instruments that make it feel extremely coherent and pleasant to listen to.

The album has the clean thrashy voice of Derek, with his rather grunt-like alternative on the front as well. Really good and solid thrashy riffs on the guitar followed by fast-paced up-tempo solo’s, with a good mix of catchy basslines and the rhythmic support of a talented drummer.

It's hard to get to a conclusion about this album because with every song they surprise you with a new sound and vibe. No matter what “big” thrashmetal band you are a fan of, Scissortooth has something in store for everyone of you.

Special mention to the song “Wormwood”:
This is a great song that starts off with an acoustic and melancholy vibe, that fades to a thrash metal song over time, without losing the relaxing sound they started off with.

Track Listing
1. Hostile Takeover (5:14)
2. 10 30 (4:21)
3. Slowber (5:42)
4. Yellowhead (3:59)
5. Incision (5:05)
6. Shoegazer (5:20)
7. Common Thread (5:24)
8. Rotting Alive (4:38)
9. Nova Gomorrah (8:12)
10. Rats (4:48)
11. Wormwood (5:39)
Album Length: 58:00

Written by Cecile Ann


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