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Monday, November 2, 2015

Review: Nan Elmoth/Maldicion - Live At Festum Carnis 2015

On this live album we hear a split between Maldicion and Nan Elmoth. Nan Elmoth's long and almost “dark” folk metal differs a lot from Maldicion's more old-school black metal approach. On the album itself however, they both give a rather thrashy feeling because of the short frequent solos and heavier guitar riffs. The guitar work has a strong, but unfortunately, an overpowering presence over the throaty grunts.

Nan Elmoth’s songs and lyrics do give off the warrior vibe that you are expected to hear in folk metal, especially on the song ”The Crying Orc” (Burzum cover). They incorporated the original song quite well, up to a point where you actually recognize Burzums typical sound and vibe without losing the Folk.

On the other hand Maldicion’s “Angels blood” really gives a good example of the black metal we were talking about, the soothing yet strong guitar parts with the backup from aggressive vocals.
it makes the entirety of the split strangely coherent without losing its unique combination of different styles.

I do have to mention that the songs might not sound as good as they could have been due to the lower quality you record on live venues.

1. Nan Elmoth – Unleash The King Of Wolves
2. Nan Elmoth – Nan Elmoth The Crying Orc (Burzum Cover)
3. Maldicion – Sworn To Hell
4. Maldicion – F.T.B.O.C
5. Maldicion – Angels Blood
6. Maldicion – Temptress
7. Maldicion – Maldiciones

Written by Cecile Ann

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