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Monday, November 2, 2015

Review: Mammoth Storm - Fornjot

Some bands have the power to, just with their name, sum up what kind of music you can expect. Mammoth Storm is one of those bands. Like a mammoth, the music of this band overwhelms you, with its low drones and riffs, while the male vocals, reminding me of early Therion, trample on. The storm however is a very constant one, not really ceasing, nor climaxing.

Mammoth Storm is the band of Draconian’s guitarist Daniel Arvidsson, and you can hear Arvidsson is an experienced guitarist, holding on to a wonderfully tight rhythm.

Fornjot is this band first full CD, following their 2014’s EP Rite of Ascension. Fornjot is a giant from Norse mythology, again, fitting well with the name of the band and its music.

The great thing about the album is that the band is able to uphold a high standard of doomy atmospheres with droning sounds, for a stoner feeling. The guitars and melody are repeated long enough to take you along drowning in darkness: The songs mostly last around 9 minutes . Variations however are kept to the background. It is great to be dragged away in this mythological dark Scandinavian landscape, but it would be good to have some change in the music. The band does offer some changes, mainly in the opening song Augurs Echo, where the stoner-influences are weaved in in a nice way, and in the instrumental song Sumerian Cry. Yet in the end it all comes back to a recognisable, steady droning, doom drift.

Fornjot can be seen as a continuation of the EP Rite of Ascension, where the production on this album is better, but where the variation is less. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. What the band does, atmospherically and technically, they do in a great way. What I like is to be able to hear a different musical approach in separate songs and that is sometimes missing on this album.

Written by Martijn Bakker


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