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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review: Khadaver - Exstinctio Mundi

Khadaver is a band from Slovakia. The second album Exstinctio Mundi is a mix with industrial and black metal. This mix from music is really rare to find. Can they pull of that genre in this new album?
Release date is 9 November.

The album:
The first song "Zero Born" you think by yourself this is symphonic black metal. It flows perfect from intro to the end. The grunts are very clean and are not heavenly used, just perfect. The industrial accent comes on "Progress Through the firepower", an electronic start and sounds are in this song. Again the grunts are spot on, this is a very nice headbang song. "Incipit Futurum" has a long intro of 0,52 seconds, with a lot of guitar play and gentle saying words. "Bionic Industries" starts very rhythmic, very slow paced guitars and vocals. The last song of this album "Exstinctio Mundi" has a very dark feel to it, like a dark cave underground. If you translate this name from Latin there will stand "End of humanity". This song/album brings that definitely.

They deliver a very cold and dark album. With sometimes more symphonic metal songs.
If you like some black/industrial metal give them a chance and you will like it.

01. Zeroborn
02. Gods-RW
03. Via Aeons And Cosmos
04. Episteme Finite
05. Progress Through The Firepower
06. I.T.N.O.F.
07. Incipit Futurum
08. Divine Data Corrupted
09. Bionic Industries
10. Exstinctio Mundi

Written by Nathasja Voerman


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