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Monday, November 2, 2015

Review: Gama Bomb - Untouchable Glory

Gama Bomb is: Philly Byrne on vocals, Domo Dixon on lead guitar, John Roche on lead guitar, Joe McGuigan on bass and Paul Caffrey on drums. Hauling from Northern Ireland, this band is active since 2002, and Untouchable Glory marks the birth of their fifth full-length release.

This album is super energetic! Its playtime is a little bit over half an hour, but it’s constant partying. I personally had a very hard time to sit still during this album to write this review. The band has stated that bands like Nuclear Assault, Sodom, Agent Steel and Kreator are influences for their music, and nothing could be closer to the truth. You can hear parts of every band in this album. While I was listening to their previous album, The Terror Tapes (2013), I could riffs that could come from eighties thrashmetal bands, which made that album kind of boring. But with this album, Gama Bomb cut the copying part and created a lot of new, though still old school sounding, riffs that are original and thus keeping the music a lot more interesting.

The only thing I personally dislike about this band are the vocals. The partyscreams are fine, but I just can not get into Byrnes vocals. I prefer more harsher vocals, but that’s just my opinion. They do remind me of Agent Steels vocals, but without the high pitched screams.

One last thing that has to be said, the solo’s are very nice, but this band gets all its strength out of its riffing. Like I said before, on previous album the riffs were far from original, but on this album they are so strong that they make every solo less interesting, even though they are pretty awesome.

A band for the likes of Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault and Lost Society!

Written by Bartjan Duyster


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