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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Review: Extreme Cold Winter - Paradise Ends Here

Extreme Cold Metal is a trio from The Netherlands that consists of Pim Blankenstein on vocals, Seth Van de Loo on drums and A.J. van Drenth on guitar/bass. They were recently formed in 2009.

Paradise Ends Here is their first shot at a full album and what an album it is! From the agonizing drums to the monstrous riffs. This album grabs you by the balls and don't let go till it has said everything it was set to say.

The album opens with the killer "Warriors of the Wasteland". From the very intro you will be headbanging to the crushing guitars and the marching of the drums. The whole album plays like one big continuous song and that's quite the feat. By "The Siberian Darkness" you will identify this band's signature MO.

When I was thinking about the best song on this album, it was easily "One Liquid Waters". What a beast of doom it is. Following the trend of the album so far, you can't help but feel entraced. It's all like a sweet dance of death. You won't help but feel sad when it ends.

If I have a gripe with this release, it's one thing and it is that the album is short. After the album was finished, I was left wanting for more. I guess the band pulled the classic "always leaving them wanting more".

I have no idea how this amazing band is still unreleased, but if bands like this don't get the praise it deserves then I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Written by Ahmed Winchester


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