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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Double review: Eadem - Hekserij / Eadem - In Vino Veritas

When I was offered a dual demo review I wasn't sure I could do a good review of it, but still I accepted the offer, and now here is where we are.

Eadem is a portugese three man black metal band founded in 2009 and the two demos I am reviewing are the two releases of the band. The sound of the band is a typical black metal sound of the nineties in Norway, from the song structures to the quality of the records.

Now regarding the quality, I can't really say if the band wanted the sound of the demos to be like it is, or is it just a result of it being only demos, not knowing the band I will assume that it is a question of recording quality.

The sound of the two demos are different a bit, as the first demo is a little more Dimmu Borgir sounding with clean vocals and some narration, while the second demo is a little more classical black metal leaning, more to a Mayhem sound perhaps.

The quality of the demos is a thing to be aspired in the future, as some aspects of the instruments can't be really heard or the levels in relation to some other instruments is just overwhelming in relation to the guitars, as the guitars are the only instrument that can really be heard all the time and are pretty clear sounding. The vocals are sometimes weak and unclear, but it is black metal, and it is to be expected in this genre.

Overall the two demos are great, the songs give a solid promise that the band will make good music in the future. And the only thing that I really hope is that they will improve the sound quality as it drowns the songs.

Written by Nikola Milošević


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