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Monday, October 26, 2015

World premiere of The Cure extreme metal tribute Curezum's first ever track via Noisey

A project that has been a long time in the making, Curezum are delighted to give the world its first taste of this unique and inspired approach to a classic band.

"Despite how silly the idea seems, this is a serious project," says frontman Mort Subite (Megaton Leviathan). And despite the apparent disparity between The Cure's music and extreme metal, there is actually a wealth of overlap. The punk attitude of their early material; the nihilism in the classic Pornography; the psychedelic influence on The Top that often seeps into extreme metal; even the heavy synths that permeate the band's poppier era are found in areas of black metal: all contribute to a smooth transition to buzzing guitars and rasping vocals.

Finally, the band are ready to unveil their first single to the world, "One Hundred Years" (originally from Pornography). Joining Mort Subite are Martti Hill (Barrowlands), and Billy Anderson (Melvins, Tribes of Neurot i.a.), taking this dark post-punk number into colder, harsher climes.

As mentioned in the Noisey interview below, the project will also include an astounding range of guest appearances from members of Leviathan, Ævangelist, Witch Mountain, Eight Bells and Agalloch. More info is coming soon on the début album.

Stream Curezum's take on "One Hundred Years" here.

Pushing the limits of what one might call a "supergroup," Curezum, at its core, is an extreme metal tribute to The Cure featuring a motley crew of some of metals most seemingly disparate characters. Implausible as it may sound, after a discussion about mutual musical interests, Mort (Megaton Leviathan, Vaital Deul, Alfheimr) and Martti (Barrowlands) discovered they were both, independently, keenly aware of how relatively simple it would be to take the album Pornography by The Cure and re-imagine it as a black metal record.

From those inauspicious beginnings, Curezum was born. After some initial runs with a handful of trial members, and bit of a hiatus while both Mort and Martti's other projects released material, Billy Anderson (Blessing the Hogs, Porn, Solodolor) signed on for additional production duties, and a wide array of Portland area metal artists were drafted for a variety of guest performances. As of this writing, the first Curezum album is currently in production, and live rehearsals have begun in earnest. Meanwhile, Curezum's members are stocking up on popcorn to eat whilst reading comments regarding the weird Cronenberg monster they've birthed.

Curezum are:
Rob Vikernes - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, kebabs.
Mort Subite - Lead guitar, additional vocals, keyboards, programming.
Billy Anderson - Bass guitar, other guitar.
Martti Hill - Drums, pleasing demeanor.


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