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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vhöl: Deeper Than Sky LP From Psychedelic Thrash Collective Streaming In Its Entirety At Noisey

Picking up from where their critically-lauded 2013 self-titled debut left off, with Deeper Than Sky, the psychedelic thrash collective known as Vhöl - vocalist Mike Scheidt (Yob), guitarist John Cobbett (Hammers Of Misfortune, ex-Ludicra), bassist Sigrid Sheie (Hammers Of Misfortune, ex-Amber Asylum) and drummer Aesop Dekker (Agalloch, Worm Ouroboros, ex-Ludicra) - has manifested something truly next level, pushing their already-singular sound to the outer realms of sonic exploration within the paradigm of old-school speed metal.

As a precursor to its release this Friday via Profound Lore, today Noisey delivers Deeper Than Sky in its entirety issuing of the magnum opus, "Deeper Than Sky, is an engrossing listen. It's also a challenging one -- it demands a lot from a listener, and keeps you guessing in ways that few other bands can. The band's entire ethos is rooted in experimentation and gleeful weirdness, and this second helping of their strange, progressive, crusty space-thrash is definitely an album worth chewing over."

Check out Deeper Than Sky alongside a compelling interview with Sheie courtesy of Noisey at this location.

Captured at Light Rail Studios via Jerry Garcia's 2" tape deck and mastered at Trakworx Studio, both in San Francisco, Deeper Than Sky boasts the cosmic cover creation of Brandon Duncan which unites some of Cobbett's sketches and concepts with Duncan's original art, the results of which accurately encapsulate the mind-altering vibe of the music contained within.

Vhöl's Deeper Than Sky will be released via Profound Lore on October 23rd, 2015 with preorders currently available at this location.


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