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Friday, October 30, 2015

Sturmovik: Polish Crust Act Signs With Selfmadegod Records; Debut Full-Length Coming In November

Poland based d-beat/crust band, Sturmovik, has just signed with Selfmadegod Records to release their debut full-length, Destination Nowhere.

Sturmovik contains two current members of Polish death metal horde, The Dead Goats -- Radosław Pierściński and Paweł Bartulewicz -- the lineup rounded out by Błazej Kasprzak, Mariusz Rzepnicki and Krzysztof Drabikowski. The caustic d-beat/crustpunk attack the outfit delivers will definitely appeal to all fans of Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Genocide SS, Victims, Hellshock and Martyrdöd. Recorded earlier this year, the band's Destination Nowhere debut album boasts nine energetic anthems culminating into a half-hour of powerful, infectious tunes set to smash the system to nothingness.

"Matters Not" is the opening track from song from Sturmovik's upcoming Destination Nowhere album and the first track to be made available to the public.

Stream Sturmovik's "Matter's Not" at Selfmadegod Records' SoundCloud here or YouTube channel here.

Destination Nowhere is set for November 16th 2015 release date on CD/digital download and can be pre-ordered at the Selfmadegod webstore here or BandCamp here. CDs will be available in the US via Earsplit Distro on Black Friday, November 27th; place stateside preorders here.

Destination Nowhere Track Listing:
1. Matters Not
2. Saint Of Chains
3. Bad Earth, Bad Sons
4. Mental Uprising
5. Beware Of The Funfair
6. Downbeat Ending
7. Trial By Fire
8. Head Of A Family
9. Choosing Death


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