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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: Varg - Rotkäppchen

There and back again, a hob… VARG tale!

No just kidding. This a the new record by VARG and it revolves around one tale we all know.

This record called Rotkappchen is about red riding hood. We dutch people easily recognise the name but i understand many of you will not link the title with red riding hood.

Although I don’t understand the lyrics because they’re in German, I can understand what it is about because we all know the tale. Maybe some of you know the children’s version but do you know the more sinister origin story? Long story short it comes out that not the wolf is guilty but red riding hood herself! Although the writers of children’s books converted the story to a friendlier version. Shame on you red riding hood.

First and foremost I must say, I was, am and never going to be into German vocals. I really dig the music on this album but the language just kills it for me. Same goes for Rammstein. This will probably piss off a lot of Germans but yeah, I can’t help it. English is just THE language for me when it comes to music. German sounds too flat for me. ‘nuf said about the vocals. This record is nothing new for fans of VARG. It continues the tradition of not taking metal music too seriously just like Alestorm. It's a humppa band mixed with heavy vocals and distorted guitars.

So I can tell you that I do not particularly like the album. It revolves around one story and even the song titles are almost the same. I just couldn’t get into it. But for the people who like to party and listen to the occasional party metal this is a really good album to your addition.


Just for the vocals. They can do so much better in English for a wider audience.

Written by Joost van der Leij

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