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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Temptations For The Weak - Black Vision

This band was formed in 2011 and played on Graspop Metal Meeting 2014. After that it was time for a second album after the debut Spoken Silence.

This is an album with ten nice build up songs with predictable, but strong ends. The first song : "Feed of me" start with catching riffs and nice clean screams. Only the not scream parts are not as clean. This is a positive song for the rest of this album. The next three songs "Clear vision, Controlled and Underneath the Skin" they all have nice power starts. With rhythm parts that keeps you headbanging. The song "Not Forsaken" is a slower one, more rhythmic with screaming, very nice combination. Last one of this album is "Out of reach" it sure is a clean song that want you to hear more of it.

This is a very nice album and they will definitely play more big festivals. If you like metalcore and melodic deathmetal this is a band for you!

Track list:
01. Feed Off Me
02. Clear Vision
03. Controlled
04. Underneath The Skin
05. Trade This Life
06. Far From Over
07. Not Forsaken
08. Obey
09. In Time
10. Out Of Reach

Written by Nathasja Voerman


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