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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: Tempers Creature - Si Vis Vitam, Para Mortem

Tempers Creature is:
Aurgelmir – Vocals, guitars, bass, lyrics and keyboards
Náttfari – Drums and lyrics

The album title is a Latin phrase, and it means ‘If you want life, prepare for death’
Tempers Creature are a depressive/pagan black metal band from Germany. The intro of the album is weird. A childrens tune and a crying baby really sets the atmosphere for the album.
When the songs start to play, it’s actually better than I expected from a DSBM band. The recording quality is pretty good, and some soundtracks are processed in the songs.

Tempers Creature don’t have just screams, but also a lot of low-pitched grunts. I personally am not a fan of grunts in black metal. Luckily, it isn’t too distracting, because I start gaining respect for the drummer. That man is really working his ass off on Si Vis Vitam, Para Mortem.

But now! The lyrical content. This is really interesting. The first two songs are about personal thoughts about war, some songs about paganism and the rest of the songs are dealing with depressive subjects.
These subjects all attract me, yet with the lyrical changes the music changes too, and I think that on Si Vis Vitam, Para Mortem the artists made a little bit too much deviations. The switch from war to depression to paganism to depression is too much.

The song which really stands out most is Danse Macabre.
You hear some disturbing clean vocals, and sometimes they sound like they come right out of a horrormovie. The whole song is full of these things, weird instruments, people whistling... It’s original, it’s new, and it’s very well done. It deals with the dance of the dead. Everyone should dance during the day, because in the end everyone will die the same.

The album ends with a soft and easy piano-guided song in which a woman sings softly. A good termination from this album.

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by Daan van Doorn

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