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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: South Of Hell - Rising Of Hate

South of Hell is: Olivier on vocals, Fargio and Nicolas on guitars, Laurent on bass and Sophian on drums. This five piece death metal machine hails from Savoy, France, and started of back in 2006. With the release of Rising of Hate, this album can be seen as their debut. As they state on their facebook page:

"Our goal is not to produce something technic or hard to play, we only want to create something powerful and catchy which make your head turn as a fucking helicopter propeller!!"

and hell yeah, they do! They deliver exactly what they say. It sounds indeed not that technical, but it’s some headbashing and neckripping music. The album contains every element that you expect from a death metal band, but they somehow manage to keep it very refreshing. Maybe it’s the unexpected, almost progressive solo’s, Olivier’s deep growls or the unstoppable force on the drums; you decide for yourself. Definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future! Every single song has a very groovy feel, that makes me want to bang my head and party in the moshpit.

This album has a duration of not even half an hour, even though it contains nine songs. I think they made a good decision not to lengthen the songs above 4 minutes, just to avoid being repetitive and boring. The band made sure to construct the songs in a way to avoid the same thing mentioned before, and they managed to keep the listener interested.

Very cool death metal from France, a recommendation for sure!

Written by Bartjan Duyster


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