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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: Pagan's Mind - Full Circle Live

Having seen Dream Theater and Opeth, and listening to Rush for a long time I thought that I know all about prog metal and prog rock. Considering prog is not one of my more favorite sub genres of metal, I was not that familiar with the bands in the genre except of the ones mentioned above.

Now, Pagan's Mind is not that old band, but it is not a very new band also, they have almost 15 years under their belt and certainly know their craft. For someone who knows their music and albums this is a opportunity to hear them perform those songs live. For me, I first needed to look up the songs on the album so I can judge them, and after careful listening I can say that the live songs were performed with a near perfect quality.

The timings were great, vocal identical to the ones on the albums, solos, rhythms also great. The album presents a very rare thing in metal music, the ability of a band to perform their songs identically live as on the albums, and I was astonished to hear that as even Dream Theater struggled to pull that off.

This album is a live album so concerning the production value and quality there really can be no complaints, only some to the sound guy on the concert but even that is not that prevalent.

If you never heard of Pagan's Mind this live album can surely be you ticket in their direction and in the direction of starting to like the band.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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