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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Odraza - Kir

Where to start on a album/EP like this? Well for first, it is a one song album/EP. On top of that the song is an instrumental song, with absolutely no vocals or anything even remotely sounding like vocals. As I said it is a one song album, and the song is around 20 minutes long. I have absolutely no idea how I would label this band or album. It has in itself a mixture of a lot of metal genres and influences.

The intro to the song is an atmospheric piece of keyboard music strangely resembling a mix of Immortal sounding intros to At the Heart of Winter, and Rammstein. The next part of the song is quite a strange section. The focus completely shifts to the drums. The drums are the only instrument which you can hear. The "melody" is clearly integrated in the drums. The section continues to the next section and then the song really begins in full with all the instruments.

The sections who follow I can barely explain what it sounds like, I have never heard a experience with a song/album like this one. The quality of the song varies from section to section, some are of greater quality, some are more sounding of a black metal middle era. Beside of that, the quality is very good and considering the amount of instruments and the voices of keyboards, everything can be heard with great ease and sometimes can even get a little bit too perfect, not like too polished or post production fixing, just some parts for me could be a little bit more gritty or dirty sounding.

For a one song album, this is a great release and it is very great album which you should listen to. I honestly hope that the band will continue to make releases like this in the future, as this is a mind blowing, brain occupying album.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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