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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: The Kendolls - Autonomania

The Swedish Rock’n’Roll / punk band The Kendolls are about to release their third album, “Autonomania”, this month. Let’s have a listen to it!

The album starts off with “Black Sunday”. After an instrumental piece, you get punk rock deluxe, kicking your ass. “Death grip” is somewhat groovier, and orients itself more towards rock’n’roll. Surely a great song to play and listen to live as well! Same goes for “War on dogs” - a total circlepit number, and again something I would definitely love to hear live. The remainder of the songs are an interesting mix between punk and rock, and strongly remind me of Disco Ensemble on “First Aid Kit”. A nice extra is surely the accordion sequence at the end of “Equally useless”. Great thing! The only track that is somewhat a downer is “Lifecoach”, a punk rock song that does not have any distinctive elements to it – nice to listen to, but won’t get stuck in your head.

In conclusion, this 11-track-album kicks ass, and has some great songs on it – my personal favorite is “Shame”. The production is rather raw, which absolutely fits with the atmosphere of the record. Overall very good record, can definitely recommend it. 8/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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