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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Grumo - Fallimento

The Italian Death Grinders who delivers their second full album release. After a few line-up changes they seem up for the job to enrich the watery globe with their Grind.

Musically they have evolved, the sound on the album is great. Easy listening and it rolls onward with their more mid tempo Death Grind. It is hearable that they have found a more stability in their sound. The 11 songs on the album are beginning with an intro and every song blasts on its own and they groove on their own tempo and serve some great Death Grind along the way. As bonus the last song is a cover from the masters Napalm Death: "Suffer the Children".

In short they delivered an stomp in your face great album, and hoping that the new album give them more gigs to enforce their role in the Grind circuit. For the Grind lovers with a wink to Death Metal it is an mandatory purchase!

Written by Ron van Coevorden

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