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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Grave - Out Of Respect For The Dead

Going on for almost 30 years, Grave needs not to be represented to someone who is into the death metal scene, now since a band exist for almost 30 years it in general doesn't need any particular introduction as it has gained notoriety through the years.

This album is the eleventh album from Grave and it does not disappoint. From the intro it buries you in a wave of sound, a classical death metal sound not really heard in today's time. The entire album is fast paced, solid sounding and never venturing into the territory of the more modern death metal like blast beats and technical sounding riffs. The tempos are distinctly separated, while the intro is fast, the second two songs are not that fast they don't lose on the heaviness of the overall sound, but it does give the album an interesting change.

The solos are clear and pretty enjoyable to hear, the guitars are tight and sharp sounding while at the same time giving a similar sound to early Death and Cannibal Corpse guitar tones. The riffs themselves have some dissonance especially in the intro and are really tightly played and have a great quality of recording.

The drum tone and the quality is one you would expect from a band like Grave. It is very professionally played and recorded, and the individual sound of each piece of the kit is heard in every song.

Overall this is a album you would fully expect from a band in the likes of Grave, still containing the elements associated with the band, but still at the same time bringing a new feel to the band's songs.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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