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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Draconian - Sovran

Draconian is a Swedish Gothic/Doom metal band with influences from black and death metal, it seems like a rather long description of their style but the versatility here is extremely high.

When the band first started, they played death metal with black metal aspects. With the addition of Lisa Johansson and her intriguing vocals, the band went on a rather “gothic” path.

On this Friday, October 30th, they will release their 6th studio album under the name of SOVRAN .
We hear the same collaboration of styles as we are used to from the group, the clean soprano female vocals interspersed by grunting. And apart from that will the heavy guitars lessen de “depressing” tone that doom metal brings without depleting the melancholy feel of the songs.

The vocalist Anders Jacobsson actually had some notes on “Stellar tombs” when it premiered : “This track is like a storm, a storm of a life trying to re-connect to its' soul, to its' place in the Cosmos” And I feel like this is an accurate description not only for this song, but for the entire album. It makes you think about yourself and really makes you “feel” the music. The way they make the different styles cohere really gives an intense yet monolith composure.

Although Draconian is treading somewhat new waters with this album it still has this pleasant and familiar vibe to it.

1. Heavy Lies the Crown
2. The Wretched Tide
3. Pale Tortured Blue
4. Stellar Tombs
5. No Lonelier Star
6. Dusk Mariner
7. Dishearten
8. Rivers Between Us
9. The Marriage of Attaris

Written by Cecile Ann

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