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Friday, October 9, 2015

Review: Dean Wallace - Metal Family

Dean Wallace, former vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for the French band Whymper, released his first solo work last year. Metal Family (Tinplho Records Ltd) is, as a matter of fact, a true solo album. Dean alone played all the instruments for the recording of the album, which is absolutely impressive considering the quality and cohesiveness of the instrumental parts.

But what really drew my attention were the vocals. Dean Wallace sounds more like James Hetfield than James himself nowadays. You can really see a huge Metallica influence in Metal Family, especially their music from the 90’s (Load and Reload) and the 2000’s (Death Magnetic). I must say, I am not a big fan of this period in Metallica’s career, but I cannot deny how strong the songs, as well as the songwriting, are in this album. I would choose Metal Family over Load and Reload any day of the week. You can also notice a hint of Megadeth influence, especially during the solos and some sped up riffs.

Get Away From my Home, previously released by Whymper in the anthology Kill City, is a great opening track, one of the best songs of the entire album. Our Only Chance was the song chosen for their first video (Get Away From my Home is the other one), which I think was a good choice as the song really represents how the album sounds. The New Slavery has its interesting parts, especially the chorus. I’m Not a Hero and It’s My Turn are not as good as the other tracks, although the first one has one of the best solos I have heard in a while. The level rises again with the ghostly The Ferryman of Soul. My Eternal Why is a beautiful ballad that presents a different side of Dean’s vocals. Flying Coffin is another great composition from the Whymper’s days. Headshot is the “megadethic” piece that precedes the title track, Metal Family, an odd to Heavy Metal that invites us to scream, jump, bang our heads, drink beers and go into the pit. There is no way to go wrong with this one.

If you are into post-Black Album Metallica, you will probably find Metal Family pretty amazing.

I am proud, to present: the Metal Family.
I am proud, to be part: of Metal Family.

Written by Anderson Tiago

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