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Monday, October 19, 2015

Review: Cryptic Realms - Eve Of Fatality

This Death Metal band was formed in June 2015 and this is their debut demo, "Eve of Fatality" which was released on Weed Hunter Records. But do these four songs show great promise for the band, or is this release one that was clearly rushed?

On the first track of the demo "Total demise" I am delighted to hear some nice old school death metal. It introduces the listener to brutal, catchy and groove filled metal. The solid drumming leads you to head banging through this whole song. The third track "Necrophagous" however it starts in the beginning a little slow, this is the fastest track on this demo and has clean vocals to it. The last track "Eve of Fatality" is driven by the drums that will guide you through. This song has also more vocals to it which don't distract you from the song.

They have put the nineties spirit of death metal in this demo. In this short time it’s really impressive and surely not rushed at all. This band has much potential to become a great death metal band.

Track list:
1-Total Demise
2-Nocturnal Desecration
4-Eve of Fatality

Written by Nathasja Voerman


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