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Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: Anewrage - ANR

Anewrage is
Axel Capurro – Vocals/Guitars
Manuel Sanfilippo – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Simone Martin – Bass
Alessandro Ferrarese – Drums/Backing Vocals

Anewrage is an alternative metal band from Italy. ANR is their first full-length album, and I’ve got to say, my first impression wasn’t really good. After listening it a bit more often I could appreciate it more.
The album start’s with Ape’s legacy, which is a pretty good song. My problem with the album comes after this song. They start to play their alternative metal, which has a lot of influences by punk and grunge, but sometimes they just say some ‘funny’ things in it with a strange voice. Please, don’t do that. I mean putting some creative, new things in your music is cool, and Anewrage does that pretty much, yet this went too far for me.

The band plays 12 songs on this album, yet I forgot about a lot of songs right after I heard them, because they weren’t worth remembering. The songs which remain are steady songs, nothing wrong with it.

Songs which I really remember are the more easy, soft songs like Butterflies; and the acoustic ‘Frozen Light’. I would really love to hear an acoustic album of Anewrage.
On the other hand, the song ‘Rotten’ is a song which kicks right in your face, and that also turns out really good. It’s aggressive, and I think that this one is my favourite song on the album together with the acoustic ‘Frozen Light’.

So, my overall experience of Anewrage – ANR is that it is a fine band if you’re into alternative/nu-metal, but they’re not the band you should listen to if you’re completely new within the genre.

I would recommend Anewrage if you’re a fan of System of a Down or Skillet.

Rating: 6/10

Written by Daan van Doorn


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